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FRIATEC AG – in Mannheim

The former “Steinzeug” and Friedrichsfeld GmbH has been operating as an international group by the name of FRIATEC AG since February 1993. One of the best known companies in the Mannheim-Ludwigshafen industrial area, it is steeped in tradition and looks back on 130 years of history.Admin offices

As an example to many others, the company history shows the highs and lows of a long past; the development of the factory from 1863 was embedded in the German history of this period which was not exactly short of major changes. In addition, there were general economic crisis periods as well as the political catastrophes, and in particular economical difficulties demanding focussed action to ensure the company’s survival.

Aerial viewThe ‘turnaround’ followed by the economic growth of the past decade is exemplary proof of how such crises can be overcome. FRIATEC AG today is the type of dynamic company responsible for the success of the social free
market economy, and at the same time ensuring its continuity.

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Some Notable Dates

1964Start of production of oxide ceramics
1967Expansion of oxide ceramics department
1971Trademark FRIALIT for oxide ceramic products
1973Change of company name to “FRIEDRICHSFELD GmbH Steinzeug und Kunststoffwerke”
01.10.1977Takeover of DEGUSSIT division from Degussa, Frankfurt am Main. Expansion of FRIALIT division
12.05.1978Completion of a new factory building for FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT division
01.08.1990Conversion into FRIEDRICHSFELD AG
1993Conversion to FRIATEC AG Keramik- und Kunststoffwerke
1997Change of company name to FRIATEC AG

Owners of FRIATEC AG

1863-1868Otto Reinhard
1873-1890Julius Friedrich Espenschied
1890-1923Bankhaus Gebrüder Bonte Berlin
1923-1926Significant share of ownership by Lorenz Hahn Essen
1926-1933Jakob Cremer majority shareholder
1933Liquidation of Bonte bank and takeover of shares by Jakob Cremer
1997Familien Schmider und Kleiser, Ettlingen
1998Poseidon Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Köln (Mehrheitsbeteiligung)
10/1998 Glynwed International plc, Birmingham (Mehrheitsbeteiligung)

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